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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Yesterday December 22, 2012 my boyfriend and I was watching the Atlanta Falcon's (my favorite team), and Detroit Lions play. Well we were sitting there talking and out the blue he stated that since some teams ranks are not good the coach gets fired. So I stated that the coach shouldn't be the first to go! The Defensive Coordinator should be the first. The reason I say that is because 1. The defense are the ones that is suppose to stop the offense from scoring, if they do that effectively then when it's their turn to play the offensive side then they can score. So that is the reason I state the Defensive Coordinator should be the first to go then the players. Yes I said the players because, If the player is not making his tackles; protecting his Quarterback; or making good plays then they need to benched or let go. Then the coach. But that is my opinion and feel free to critique or comment. Thank you.

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